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Vacuum plants. Design and manufacture

Company was established in 1991 by Vakuummash employees who had been engaged in designing vacuum coaters for mirror production and application of protective-decorative coatings as well as vacuum dryers for wood, drugs and foodstuff.

Since then we have manufactured more than 130 plants of various types and purposes. Some were produced in a series, like VATT-1200M, VATT-1600-2M glass coating lines, others were subjects of individual orders. Our equipment is an embodiment of most scientifically known modern process solutions. We keep in touch with our customers and take accumulated experience into account.

Great variety of coatings, be it magnetron deposition or arc sputtered coatings, that one would be able to apply on our equipment is hard to put in any kind of classification. Pictures of coatings samples can not entirely describe our potential; nevertheless we believe they will help you to select equipment.

Our coating machines are stocked with up-to-date completing parts. We are well aware of suppliers and choose those who have best price-quality ratio, quality being primary criterion. In case we don’t find satisfactory equipment on the market we produce it by ourselves.

We always try to be one step ahead, focusing our efforts on R&D in the long view. You can watch our projects at various stages and if you are interested we may discuss all details of design, of coating lines including production costs and market analysis, together. We are ready to partially invest the project for its successful realization.

We invite any people concerned in collaboration in fields of vacuum equipment and technology. In areas of our special interest we are ready to work without benefits.

  • 01.03.2015

    Completed installation and putting to operation of two new plants